Kayak & Canoe Courses

Come and learn how to kayak and canoe at Explore Activity Centre! We follow the ‘Go Paddling’ scheme designed by British Canoeing (BC). Each child will receive a booklet covering the syllabus for each award which will guide them through what they need to do to complete the course. Children learn best when they are having fun so we make sure all aspects of the course are taught through games and challenges that are designed to test their balance, co-ordination and skill. Please find below the two courses that we offer at Explore:

Beginner course

This course is a great introduction to kayaking & canoeing where all children will gain their ‘Go Paddling start award’. They will also make a start on the ‘Go Paddling discover award’. Designed to get children on the water and progress their skills through fun games and challenges, there really is no better way to start your child’s paddle sport journey. Due to some of the assessment criteria, children may not be able to complete the ‘Go Paddling discover award’ over the two days alone. However, they will cover the most fundamental skills and can then attend one of our ‘Improver’ courses to finish it off, or join a local canoe club to carry on progressing their skills.

Improver course

This course will allow children to finish off any sections from the ‘Go Paddling discover award’ and then start progressing through the ‘Go Paddling explore award’. The ‘Explore award’ is the next stage on from the ‘Discover award’ and will allow children to paddle in different crafts as well as practice rescues and more advanced strokes. Once children have gained the ‘Explore Award’ they will be ready to join a local canoeing club and to enjoy some of the British Canoeing paddling trails.

What’s the difference between kayaking and canoeing?

One of the main differences between kayaking and canoeing is the type of paddle used. Typically the paddler uses a single-bladed paddle in canoeing, whereas kayak paddlers usually use a double- bladed paddle.

Bushcraft Courses

Bushcraft is all about living in the wilderness and using your natural surroundings to provide shelter, nourishment and warmth.  It should not be a fight for survival, but more like an opportunity to thrive and prosper.

One day - Shelter / Fire / Water

These three fundamental skills make up the back bone of bushcraft and are essential for any budding survival expert.  This course will cover natural shelter building, water purification as well as fire lighting using a variety of different techniques.  This is a real hands-on course that is perfect for children of all abilities.