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Holiday Camp

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We run our Adventure camp at The Quays in Mytchett during all school holidays except Christmas. These full day sessions are sure to keep your children entertained throughout the holidays.

Sessions start at 9:00 am. After a brief morning meeting in which our staff will introduce themselves and explain the day’s activities, the children will be organised into groups with their friends.

Activities start from 9:30 am for a full morning on the water either playing fun games in kayaks, building a raft and paddling across the lake or testing their balance and co-ordination on one of our wobbly boards. At Explore activities and games are varied throughout the week to ensure that you can experience a real mix of what’s on offer.

Lunch time is from 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm. Packed lunches are provided by parents; usually with a couple of snacks for the morning and afternoon break (water is available on site to fill up bottles). When lunch is over there are footballs, basketballs and many more activities to keep them occupied.

Land based activities run from 1:30 pm – 4:30 pm, with a huge range of bushcraft including shelter building, fire lighting, campfire cooking, branding, crafting and much more, as well as our obstacle course, a range of orienteering courses and team games.

Activities finish at 4:30 pm. We ask parents to be ready to collect their children between at 4:45pm – 5pm.

Water Based Activities

Giant inflatable runway
The ultimate test of skill and balance, can you make it to the end?

Learn to kayak on our beautiful sheltered lake with fun games that are sure to test you skill, balance and agility. We have a wide range of kayaks for all levels of ability as well as all of the safety equipment.

Canoeing is one of the most relaxing activities and is a great way to discover the wildlife that lives on and close to the water. Not only do we canoe on our sheltered lake but we also run trips along the Basingstoke canal.

Canoe rafting
Try rafting two open canoes together for a journey around the lake. This incredible stable craft offers an exciting experience and a great platform for jumping into the water.

Raft building
With just barrels, wood and rope you have to construct a raft that will get you across a sheltered section of the lake. Once you make it there the games can begin on the way back. Don’t expect to stay dry on this activity!

Multi rider paddle boards
Test your balance and team work on our huge 17ft stand up paddle boards. Easily accommodating a group of 8, these boards provide a great platform for jumping in or taking on a journey round our lake.

Land Based Activities

Fire lighting
Using a variety of techniques including matches, fire steels and flint and stickers we will teach you how to start a camp fire and keep it going in a responsible and safe manner.

Shelter building
Shelter is one of the most important aspects of survival. We cover everything from selecting a suitable location, different types of shelter and how to make them waterproof.

Pendant making
Using folding saws and hand drills make your own to take home and remind you of the brilliant time you had at Explore!

Using one of our custom made branding irons. This session combines fire lighting and crafting to turn an ordinary piece of wood into something you can keep to remember the day.

At Explore we have a very large and varied choice of foods we cook on an open fire including: marshmallows, smores, baked banana, hot dogs, bannock bread, pizza, homemade burgers, spaghetti Bolognese. We are always adding to our list and welcome any suggestions.

Jam making
We are lucky enough to have blackberries growing on site. Following a recipe card, children will make a small pot of jam from the fresh blackberries that they have picked.

Obstacle course
Our obstacle course started off small but has since evolved in to a long and challenging course including low ropes sections and balancing beams. See if you can make it the whole way round without touching the ground.

We have many orienteering courses of different levels set around our grounds, all within easily controlled areas. After a brief lesson on navigation and an introduction to the map, children must find the given markers in small groups to complete the course.

Follow a rope around trees and though tunnels from the start to finish. ‘Easy’ you say? I forgot to mention that you will be blind folded!

Team games
We have an extensive range of team games that will not only test the group’s ability to work together but also leadership, communication, logic, memory, skill, balance, agility, strength and also a sense of humour!