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DRAGON Programme

The DRAGON programme is a full-time alternative education syllabus aimed at students aged 11-18 who have social, emotional and behavioural difficulties and/or other additional learning needs that affect their participation in education. We take a student-centred approach to develop a bespoke programme aimed at re-engaging children in education. We recognise that every child is different and not all children learn best in a classroom. Using our unique location and environment with highly skilled and trained staff, we want to provide every student the opportunity to succeed in both an educational and social setting, paving a way to a better and brighter future.

Our Objectives

  • Re-engage children in education.
  • Foster technical and interpersonal skill development.
  • Provide every child with an opportunity to succeed.


To give children the best chance of success we usually keep our group sizes to around six. Although we understand the needs of all students are different therefore can be flexible with this number.


Sometimes a more bespoke program is needed. Our 1:1 sessions allow a 100% student-centred approach that focuses on both educational and sociable aspects of child development.


Kayak & Canoeing

Basic – Intermediate flat water skills, moving water sessions, 1 & 2 BCU awards, foundation safety and rescue awards.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking

Basic – Intermediate mountain bike skills, bike maintenance, planning and undertaking a day expedition as well as map reading and navigation.



Fire lighting using a variety of methods, shelter building, water purification and basic carving skills.



Cooking is great for developing independence as well as participating in social interactions. Some examples of what we cook are: sausage casserole, wood-fired pizza, tomato and bacon pasta, all cooked on open fires or camping stoves.